The Your Lands, Your Wildlife Campaign

An angler battles a sturdy trout, mule deer traverse the boundless prairie, a family breaks camp at dawn - facing a full day of adventure.

Antelope Running, © Joel Sartore

Such scenes unfold every day in U.S. national forests and grasslands, managed by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), and on the National System of Public Lands, managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) - 449 million acres of woods, grasslands, mountains and canyon lands belonging to the American people.

America's Wildlife Heritage Act Introduced

June 10, 2009 – Representatives Ron Kind and Walter Jones introduced the America's Wildlife Heritage Act, H.R. 2807, into the U.S. House of Representatives! The Your Lands Your Wildlife Campaign would like to thank Congressmen Kind and Jones for their continued leadership in protecting fish, wildlife and wild places.

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Restoring Balance to the Management of Our Public LandsRestoring Balance to the Management of Our Public Lands

Federal land managers will face many challenges in the coming years. That's why now, more than ever, we need science-based reforms to federal policies, ensuring that wildlife is around for generations to come. 

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Congratulations to the Your Lands, Your Wildlife Story Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone who submitted stories recounting memorable encounters with fish and wildlife on public lands.  Your stories illustrate exactly why it is so important our public land management agencies make wildlife a priority!
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The Your Lands Your Wildlife Campaign is dedicated to safeguarding fish and wildlife on America's National Forest and National Public Lands Systems. Our campaign is premised on the fact that the condition of fish and wildlife populations is an indication of overall land health, and that only healthy lands can provide sustainable benefits to current and future generations.

These lands provide an incredible diversity of fish, wildlife and plant life, world class recreation, hunting and fishing opportunities, clean water, clean air, and a national insurance policy against climate change, as well as the sustainable production of timber, minerals and energy, providing critical economic and social benefits.

But right now, after eight years of unbalanced policies that tipped the scales in favor of development, federal land managers have been stripped of their ability to sustain fish, wildlife and other benefits, and are ill-equipped to respond to the emerging challenges of climate change. 

The Your Lands Your Wildlife Campaign has developed a comprehensive plan to balance the equation and make sure federal managers have the tools to sustain our values for current and future generations. Learn more about the campaign!